Posted by: Regional Manager | November 5, 2007

Assistant Regional Manager

Hey guys!  Just wanted to introduce you to Jeremy (Crazyboy4902) as your new Assistant Regional Manager.  If you have any questions or concerns, he is another resource you can use anytime you need!

Posted by: Regional Manager | November 5, 2007

A Note to All DM-Chicopee Employees

First let me apologize for not being a very good RM as of late.  Things are moving fast and furious and it’s all I can do to keep up.  That being said, I had to seek out my own Dwight K. Schrute to assist with some office related tasks.

With great pleasure I introduce you to Jeremy, the new Assistant to the Regional Manager of the DM-Chicopee branch.  Jeremy will be helping to update this site which will give me more time to whip all of your asses into gear and start earning those SchruteBucks!!!  (Was that mean…I don’t mean to be mean 😉

So please welcome Jeremy.  And look forward to some great changes around this branch.  We are preparing for branch domination!!!

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 30, 2007

Task #5: Local Ad Campaign


Advertising is one of the most powerful tools a company has at its disposal. Since Dunder Mifflin Infinity is in its infancy, we need to spread the word far and wide. For this task, your branch needs to create an advertising campaign (print ad, video, etc.) and then distribute it to as many places across the internet as possible. Feel like creating your own “Lazy Scranton”-type video? Go for it. The scope of this task is wide open. The only requirement is that you have to advertise for your specific branch and you must include your branch’s unique click-thru code, as this is the only way to gauge the success of your advertising campaign.

While we’re not awarding SchruteBucks for continuing your campaign in the real world, we’d love to see any advertising that you create outside of the Internet as well.

* Create an Internet advertising campaign using whatever resources your branch members have available. This campaign can be anything you want it be, including but not limited to: large or small ad banners, videos and text links. It’s up to your branch to decide how to create these ads and who should be involved. While we encourage you to work together to create one cohesive campaign, you are welcome to split up and create as many ads per branch as you would like, as long as they use the same unique click-thru code assigned to the branch. If you’re making a video, make sure to upload it to your branch’s video section with the correct embedding code (see sample below for code examples using your branch’s click-thru code) so your branch’s employees can post it all over the Internet.
* Post your branch’s advertising campaign on as many websites and blogs as possible.
* Include your branch’s click-thru code to make sure you get credit for the success of your campaign.

This one has a lot to it, so for full instructions and examples CLICK HERE for all the deets.  GO CHICOPEE!!!

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 23, 2007

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the Desk of Ryan Howard


FROM: Ryan Howard, Director of Dunder Mifflin Infinity

TO: All New Dunder Mifflin Infinity Employees

SUBJECT: Exciting New Changes

As we hit the one-month anniversary of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, I thought this would be a good time to take a step back and evaluate where we are. Let me tell you: we’re in a great place. Corporate is buzzing with news of our success. Dunder Mifflin Infinity has grown far beyond even the most liberal of expectations. We set out to change the face of paper and that face has already started to change.

We now have over 100,000 new employees – much more than our initial estimates predicted. As a result, DMI is expanding at an unprecedented rate. I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be opening up 400 new branches this week in an effort to accommodate all of our new employees. Among these branches will be 200 international outposts. I never thought I’d be saying this so soon, but Dunder Mifflin Infinity has gone global.

We’re opening these new branches because we’re listening to you and we know how frustrating it can be to deal with so many co-workers. If you feel as though your branch has grown too large, please feel free to apply to one of our brand new branches. Also, in an effort to expand our ranks even further, all of our new branches will be opening with an Open-Hire policy. All employees who wish to join a new branch will be allowed to do so without the approval of the Regional Manager.

In addition, we’ve heard your requests about SchruteBucks and we’re overhauling the entire compensation system. From now on, your promotions will not be affected by how much you spend on items for your Virtual Desk. Promotions will be based on total lifetime SchruteBucks earned, which you can find in the SchruteBucks section of your Employee Profile page. You will also see a new category titled “Current Available” which tells you how many SchruteBucks you have available to spend on Virtual Desk items. This figure is a combination of SchruteBucks earned through tasks and affinity points, the latter of which are obtained by completing non-task-related activities like posting photos or commenting on profiles. Affinity points are capped at Sb $100 each week and reset at midnight every Thursday.

We hope that you’re as excited about Dunder Mifflin Infinity as we are at Corporate. These changes should make the experience better for everyone. As the business world is constantly evolving, so are we and we cherish your input as we move forward. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please let us know.

From Here to Infinity,

Ryan Howard

Director of Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Exciting news all around, but no more so than the news that you can start spending those Schrutebucks on desk supplies without hurting your chances of a promotion.  START SPENDING!! But don’t forget to earn as many Schrutbucks as you can per week so we as a branch can succeed.

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 23, 2007

Task #4: Schrute Farms

Sorry Chicopee – I had a hard time logging into DMI Corporate this week to get the latest task. I hope you all caught it before me. It’s just about deadline time!!

Feedback is vital in the formation of a new business. Dunder Mifflin Infinity is constantly improving itself based on feedback between our employees and Corporate and we’d like to encourage this reliance on feedback by allowing you to comment on a side business of one of our employees in Scranton. Dwight Schrute, one of our leading salesmen, has opened up his beet farm to agrotourism. We’d like you to simulate the experience of staying there by posting feedback on your branch’s Schrute Farms TripAdvisor page. You may also insert yourself into photos of Schrute Farms in order to better approximate the experience.

NOTE: Unfortunately this week’s task is limited to confirmed branch employees. We realize that many of you have been waiting patiently to be hired into branches. It is our hope that everyone’s applications will be approved by their managers early next week. Once you are officially hired these tasks will be open to you and SchruteBucks for these tasks will continue to be rewarded.


  • Download the following Schrute Farms pictures and insert yourself into the pictures using Photoshop or a similar editing tool, and/or take your own pictures with a digital camera. Either is acceptable. To download on PC: Right-click on each link and select “Save Target as…” and save the file to your hard drive. To download on Mac: Control-click on each link and select “Download Link as…”.Schrute Farms Couch | Dwight & Mose | Schrute Farms Barn
    Schrute Farms Sign | Dwight on porch
  • Upload any photos that you’ve manipulated or created to show visual evidence of your hypothetical experience.
  • Write and submit a detailed account of your stay at Schrute Farms.
  • Read through all of the reviews and rate your favorites for inclusion in the company wide Schrute Farms review page.

Links You’ll Need

Click here to upload your photos and submit your review.

Click here to rate your branch’s reviews. Jim and Pam’s review is also posted here.


After you submit your review of Schrute Farms, the members of your branch will read and rate their favorites. Corporate will pull the best review and it will be entered into a company-wide competition for the best review of all. All branch finalist reviews will be posted anonymously in order to ensure a level playing field for all.


All rewards are payable in SchruteBucks, the official currency of Dunder Mifflin Infinity.

  • For submitting a Schrute Farms Review: Sb $50
  • If your review is rated Top 5 in the branch: Sb $75
  • If your review is rated the Branch Winner: Sb $200
  • If your review is chosen as the Company Winner: Sb $300
  • If your branch’s review is chosen as the Company Winner: Sb $25


In addition to SchruteBucks, if your Schrute Farms review is selected as the best overall, you’ll win a script autographed by the cast of The Office!


Click here for Official Rules.


There is no deadline for submitting your review, but there is a deadline on rating the reviews posted, so it’s in your best interest to get a review up well before the deadline. Branch winners will be based both on number received and highest rated. Ratings will be considered until Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007 @ 12 PM PT/3 PM ET.

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 23, 2007

Chicopee Task: Assistant to the Regional Manager

Hey Chicoppeans.  Sorry that things have been a little slow around here lately.  Ryan has me working on all these powerpoint documents and its been hard to keep up with branch business.   I think I have realized that I need a little help.

I talked to Michael Scott over in the Scranton branch and he says that not only does he have a #2, he also has an Assistant to the Regional Manager.  I think that’s what I need.

If you’re interested in being the Assistant to the Regional Manager I’m taking applications starting today and an a AthRM will be chosen on Friday.  The ideal candidate would be:

Good worker
Hard working

As for the tasks associated with this position, I’ll need someone to:

  • Help me maintain this blog and updates to the forums at the DMI Corporate site
  • Hire moderators for the DMI Chicopee message boards that will be set up next week.
  • Keep the spirits up of employees from time to time

If you’re interested and can REALLY committ, please let me know in the comments below.  Tell me why you’d be an ideal candidate and you might just be chosen.

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 15, 2007

Chicopee Branch Updates

Just a few updates from the Chicopee Branch.

Logos: First, I’d like to congratulate EMILY who created the winning logo for the Chicopee branch. Congratulations!!


Forums: I’m going to be creating DM-Chicopee forums over the next few days. Moderators will be contacted this week. If you volunteered and no long want to be considered for a moderator position please leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you are interested in becoming a moderator for the forums let me know that as well.

Branch Motto: I’m going to be picking about 1o or so branch mottos for people to choose from. If you haven’t submitted a motto and would like to please do so over on this post.

Reaching DM-Chicopee Employees: I am still concerned about reaching all of the DM-Chicopee employees. DMI Corporate isn’t allowing me to send branch messages yet but I’m hoping that will change. I will continue to post messages in the forums of DMI Corporate in the hopes of reaching new employees.

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 11, 2007

Task #3: Launch Party Video

OK Chicoppeans, we’ve got our first challenging task from DMI Corporate and I think we’re going to need a few creative minds on this one. Corporate has asked up to come up with a 10 second video introducing the DM-Chicopee branch to all other new branches. Although this is an individual task we as a branch can approach it any way we want. It’s up to you.

I’d like to throw out the idea that perhaps we volunteer into some groups and brainstorm some ideas, but that’s only going to work if someone has the video camera to get this done. If you have a video camera and can volunteer to record a video please leave a comment and let us know. Please be sure to read all the details about this task below and let’s start talking in the comments about moving forward.

Task 3 – Launch Party

At Dunder Mifflin Infinity, we’re all connected. That’s why it’s our honor to invite you to our online launch party for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. While Corporate is hosting its own party in New York City, we’re asking all of our online branches to get together and host their own launch parties. That way, we’ll be able to show just how connected Dunder Mifflin Infinity really is. Make sure to record your launch party and submit it to your branch by 12 PM PT/3 PM ET on Monday, Oct. 15 then come back next week to see the Official DMI Retrospective Video.


  • Throw your own launch party for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Invite your friends. Celebrate the official launch of DMI.
  • Create a video to commemorate your party. Use the Buffalo branch’s video (viewable above) as an example of what we’re looking for. Requirements:
    • Video must be ten seconds or less.
    • You must say the name of your branch.
    • Movie must be at least 320×240 pixels (or 320×180 for 16:9).
    • File size cannot exceed 50MB.
    • Acceptable file formats are: MPG, Quicktime or Windows Media files.
    • Do NOT include: television footage, product placement, music, personal information or URLs. Any videos containing these will be disqualified.
    • The rest is up to you!
  • Open up your new Video module from your Employee Profile and upload your video. IMPORTANT: Please write your branch name in the video title (you may leave this out if you are still a pending employee).
  • Wait for Corporate to clear your video for content.
  • Once Corporate has approved your video, click on “Submit to Branch” to officially submit to your branch page for consideration by 12 PM PT/3 PM ET Monday, October 15. 2007.
  • Come back next week to see the official Dunder Mifflin Infinity Launch Party Video.

Video Approval Process
Please note that when you upload a video it will remain in pending status until its content is cleared by Corporate. Once it’s cleared you will be able to submit it to your branch.

There is no voting on this task. We expect a huge volume of video submissions for this task and in the interest of time, Corporate will be choosing various submissions from DMI branches to include in the launch party video. If your video is not included, please know that it is no reflection on you as an employee or a person, or your branch as a whole.

All rewards are payable in SchruteBucks, the official currency of Dunder Mifflin Infinity.

* For submitting a Launch Party Video: Sb $200

Monday, Oct. 15, 2007 @ 12 PM PT/3 PM ET: Deadline for video submissions.

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 11, 2007

LIVE Office Chat Tonight

Hey Chicoppeans – If you’re on the East Coast and want to watch that documentary about some of our friends over in the Scranton branch, stop by the GMMR/Buddy TV LIVE Office chat tonight beginning at 8:30pm EST. Newbies are welcome! Go ahead and set a reminder so you don’t forget. (GMMR’s The Office/TVj sessions)

Posted by: Regional Manager | October 9, 2007

Good News!! Re-Apply to Chicopee (Update)

GREAT NEWS!!! It seems that DMI Corporate has figured out the issue with the pending employees file.  If you have applied to Chicopee and have not yet been accepted I promise it will happen this morning.  If you were transferred out of Chicopee and want to get back in please use this hiring code:   nw9w4zx8uk

I am anxious to really get going so I’ll be sure to accept new employees as quickly as I can.  Hopefully this will all be worked out this week and we can really get things going.


  • Voting on the branch logo is underway so if you haven’t yet voted please make sure you do.  This is the logo we are going to be using from here on out so please make sure you choose wisely.  I know that there are still glitches with the logos but I think we’re just going to have to go with it for now.  Sorry.
  • If you’re interested in participating, the first two Chicopee Tasks have been added. Task #1 is all about coming up with a new branch motto (and there have been some interesting entries so far…keep ’em coming) and Task #2 is for your creative types looking to redesign the branch header for this website.  All the information for both tasks are available below this post.

I’m reading all the comments as they come in, so feel free to leave any questions in the comments section.  If you’re having an issue then your fellow employee might be having the same issue as well.

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